salahuddin business associates

SBA is a fund management & investment firm headquartered in Dubai with offices in UK and India.  We play an important role in promoting investment opportunities to investors through expert financial engineering. We provide a range of investment products & services including funds, portfolio management and business advisory. 


Capitalizing on our recognized skills and track record, we invest in an array of US equities.

We also offer crypto currency portfolio management services with a client oriented investment cycle and risk adjusted returns that correspond to each client’s risk tolerance and long-term investment objectives.


We focus on acquiring real estate assets in the UK and Indian market at attractive values with opportunities to enhance returns at the asset level.


We think and act like business partners, not academic advisors because we care for our clients’ business as our own.  We share our clients’ aspirations and work to understand their ground reality, and align their goals with our outcomes; so they know we are all in this together.


Aasobe Farms, is  working hard to become a leading producer of hydroponic fruits and vegetables for the retail industry. Our farms are based on the sound principles of conserving water, eliminating the use of pesticides, limiting  carbon footprint, growing, and eating locally grown foods.