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ahmed salahuddin 

Entrepreneur. Investor. Business Consultant.
Life Coach. Artist. Truth Seeker

Early in life, I was fortunate to fall in love with the magic of entrepreneurship. My youth was spent creating businesses and experiencing sleepless nights discovering how little I actually knew. Today I am partner and CEO at Salahuddin Business Associates, a fund management company with offices in Dubai and the UK.


An advocate of spiritual discoveries, passionate for all things controversial, lover of art and travel, fan of thoughtful conversation, and obsessed with stock trading and investing.


I have travelled the world finding joy in my adventures and experiences as I go. I am a sun & fun-loving person who drinks lots of water. I share my home with my wife Reshma (a holistic psychologist) 2 chickens, an African parrot, 4 turtles, and 12 cats.

Quick Bio

  • Founder at Salahuddin Foundation for the Arts and Sciences

  • Chairman at SBA - Salahuddin Business Associates, UAE

  • Founder at Aasobe Capital

  • Former Board Member at Saradu Palm Plantation, Malaysia

  • Former Board of directors at Etisalat India, UAE

  • Former Board Member at Emirates Ports Services Ajman Port, UAE

  • Former CEO and co founder at Star Cement, Aditya Birla Group, UAE

  • Investor


As an entrepreneur, I was going to have to find my own path - both for my work and personal life.

It took me years to learn what I know now, and I am still learning.

Here are 4 simple philosophies that changed my life:


Be grateful

Bring awareness to everything that you do

There is no purpose in life

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